Pointless set of Malone and Roux probably talking about love <3

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The Merry Mabari AU | Wixie [Part 1/2]

Wick, having served the Grey Warden’s faithfully through the Blight, begins to enter his final years and is granted a last request: to live the rest of his days out with his wife.

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Elnis shamelessly crashes the Hait party.

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The Merry Mabari Modern AU | Dragon Age RPG [Part 3/?]

When psych student Kaitlyn Tali finds muse in the mysteries of a stranger, a search for answers turns into more trouble than truth. With little more than a name to go off of, Kait sees fit to investigate with the help of her friend and local Sheriff, Tetris Alvarado. But things take a turn for the worse when instead of a man, they’re greeted by an empty house and a warm body. Determined to find this “Forst”, the two begin a manhunt - their only lead being a delivery boy known as Wick, who’s less than enthusiastic about joining their search.

And with good reason, as the closer they get to finding their target, the more risks they’ll have to take to ensure they’re not one of his next victims. How far do they have to go to catch a killer? And will it be worth it in the end? Some mysteries are better left unsolved. But it’s too late for that now. 

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